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600KN Bottle Blowing Machine

Our 600KN PET bottle blowing machine can be installed to speed up production efficiency. The machine is designed to produce plastic bottles for carbonated beverages, mineral water, cosmetics, cooking oils, and medicine goods.

Usable material PP PET PS PC AS PETG Etc.
Clamping force 600KN
Stretching stroke 380MM
Bottom stroke 15MM
Cavity quantity 4
Capacity 1200-2800 P/H
Max. heating power 160KW
Heating power 38KW(Normal production)
Motor power 0.18KW
Operation pressure 8KG/CM2
Blowing air 40KG/CM2
Weight 3500KG
Dimension 6380*1720*2200
Max. bottle volume 1200ML
Neck diameter rang 90mm
Max.container diameter 90mm
Max.container height 270mm

1. The PLC control system of the Timey bottle blowing machine comes from Mitsubishi. The system allows the machine to operate with rapid response times with a higher degree of accuracy and reliability. This results in overall product quality and operational safety.
2. The Parker Lucifer high-pressure blow valve installed in the machine can withstand pressures up to 40kg. This component extends the service life of the machine and provides added accuracy and reliability.
3. The machine can be outfitted with a loading bottle manipulator and a downloading bottle manipulator for fully automatic operation.
4. The machine adopts compact structure and displays significantly higher energy efficiency compared to other machines.

We offer plastic machines for manufacturing PET bottles and plastic containers. Our 600KN bottle blowing machine is suitable for making PET bottles, polypropylene bottles, polystyrene bottles, polycarbonate bottles, AS bottles, PETG bottles, etc. We have all the production resources to make plastic blowing machines with custom made service, offering quality machines for making carbonated drink bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, cooking oil containers, pill bottles.

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