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K Series Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

The K series extrusion blow molding machine produced by Timey belongs to affordable equipment, adopting hydraulic system, suitable for producing 10L below plastic hollow products made from a variety of materials, such as PE, PP, EVA , ABS, K-Resin(BS), TPU, nylon.

Single Layer Film Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
Model TMK-01-01 …… TMK-01-10 TMK-02-01 …. TMK-02-10 TMK-03-01 TMK-03-10 TMK-04-01
Category Single layer Double layer Single layer with view stripe Double layer with view stripe
Max Volume(L) 0.5 ……. 10 1 ……. 10 5 5 5
Die Head No. 4 ……. 1 4 ……. 1 1 1 1
Center Distance (mm) 65,70,75 ……. / 85,100 ……. / / / /
Net Weight(Kg) 4000 ……. 6300 7000 ……. 7000 7000 4600 4600
Machine Dimension (l x w x h) 3.1X1.9X2.1 ……. 3.9x2.3x2.5 3.9x2.2x2.5 ……. 3.9x2.2x2.5 3.5X2.3X2.4 3.4x2.1x2.2 3.4x2.1x2.2
Min Clamping Distance of Mould(mm) 130 ……. 230 230 ……. 230 200 200 200
Clamping stroke(mm) 200 ……. 350 300 ……. 300 200 250 250
Extruder diameter(mm) 55 ……. 75 55/75 ……. 75/55 75 / 25 65 / 25 65 /45 / 25
Extruder Motor Power(kw) 11 ……. 22/30 22(30) / 11 ……. 22 / 11 22(30) / 2.2 15 / 2.2 15 / 5.5 /2.2
Max extrusion capacity 32Kg/h ……. 95/105kg/h 90(100)kg/h / 30kg/h ……. 90Kg/h / 30Kg/h 90(105)Kg/h / 2Kg/h 60Kg/h / 2Kg/h 60Kg/h / 14Kg/h / 2Kg/h
Total power 32kw ……. 54.5/62.5Kw 71.7/80.7Kw ……. 73.2Kw 73.3 / 82.7Kw 42.2Kw 53.8Kw
1. The product listed is portion of our product. More models request, please asks for the Machinery Brochure.
2. Listed machine is for reference purpose. Machine can be produced according to clients' practical requirement.

1. The touch screen type man-machine interface is simple and easy to operate and set up, with common functions made into shortcut buttons.
2. Depending on industry product features, different plastic extrusion dies are equipped for choice.
3. K series extrusion blow molding machines adopt Japan imported fine-processing plastic extrusion dies with a smooth runner and no dead angles within. This guarantees the plastic extrusion dies will not fill up with undesired materials. So it is convenient for reloading, recoloring, slagging, dismantling and cleaning, and the wall thickness of the symmetrical part of the tube blank is very uniform.
4. The K series extrusion blow molding machine is designed with downward moved super-hard adjusting rod and full open mold platen, allowing the machine matched with longer and wider molds.
5. Twin pump design: under low pressure, two hydraulic oil pumps supply oil in parallel; under high pressure, one hydraulic oil pump supplies oil, while the other unloads. In this way, the power consumption is small, playing a role in energy saving and consumption reduction.
6. The dual proportional valves controls the oil flow speed and pressure, the reversing valve controls the flow direction and the deceleration valve is used for brakes. Thus, the movements are smooth and fast.
7. The design of template center subjected to forces makes the clamping force spread uniformly.
8. CE security standard design, pay more attention to users’ safety.
9. Adopt Japanese frequency changer to adjust the rotary speed of the screw, saving electricity and energy.
10. Equipped with automatic lubricating system to reduce equipment maintenance cost.

We offer plastic container fabricating machines for manufacturing plastic bottles and containers. Our K series extrusion blow molding machine is suitable for making polyethylene water bottles, polypropylene containers, PS containers, polycarbonate bottles, PVC bottles, EVA containers, etc. We have all the production resources to make plastic blow molding machines with custom made service, offering quality machines for making plastic food containers, cooking oil containers, medical containers, detergent bottles, chemical containers.

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