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Bucket Packaging Screen Printing Machine

The bucket packaging screen printing machine is intended for use in the application of screen printed labels for large round plastic packaging containers often used in chemical, food, and other goods production.

Max.printing area 900x250mm
Min.container diameter Φ160mm
Max.container diameter Φ350mm
Min.container height 200mm
Max.container height 400mm
Max.screen frame size 1200x400mm
Max.printing speed 1000psc/hr

1. Bucket packaging screen printing machines feature a linkage CAM screw structure that improves efficiency, precision, and flexibility.
2. The machine features an easy to handle interface that makes it simpler to set-up and operate. It can handle mechanical material placement, flame treatment, color register and positioning, UV drying, and conveying belt discharging.

Our bucket packaging screen printing machine is suitable for printing on plastic chemical buckets, large food containers, etc. We have all the production resources to make plastic printing machines with custom service.

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