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Printing and Labeling Machine

Timey can provide high-precision automatic screen printing machine, transfer printing machine, hot stamping machine and related auxiliary equipment. Meanwhile, we can also customize satisfactory printing machine depending on customers’ requests.

    1. Automatic Screen Printing Labeling Machine
    2. Automatic Screen Printing Labeling MachineThe Timey automatic screen printing labeling machine was specially designed for the printing of labels for round, oval, square, and irregular shaped glass and plastic bottles and products.
    1. 500KN Bottle Blowing Machine
    2. Rotary Table Bottle Packaging Printing MachineThe rotary table bottle packaging printing machine was developed by Timey to apply labels to hosepipe, plastic bottles, acrylic bottles, and other round products.
    1. Shaped Bottle Screen Printing Machine
    2. Shaped Bottle Screen Printing MachineThe shaped bottle screen printing machine is designed for applying mono and multi-color printed labels on irregularly shaped plastic packages for items such as body wash, shampoo, detergents, etc.
    1. Bucket Packaging Screen Printing Machine
    2. Bucket Packaging Screen Printing MachineThe bucket packaging screen printing machine is intended for use in the application of screen printed labels for large round plastic packaging containers often used in chemical, food, and other goods production.

Our printing and labeling machine is suitable for printing on plastic bottles, medical containers, cosmetic containers, etc. We have all the production resources to make plastic printing and labeling machines with custom service.