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Hot Runner Plastic Mold Manufacturing

The preform mold supplied by Timey is used in hot runner system. During preform injection molding process, it can control the distribution of melted raw materials, so as to improve the production efficiency of preforms, reduce accessories cost and materials waste. The hot runner system is a necessary component of the injection molding process to control the distribution of the melted material and improve the production capacity. It also prevents wasted materials and provides finished products free of defects and with glossy surfaces. The hot runner is directly integrated into the mold, which allows for customization depending on your requirements. If your production design changes, a new mold is needed and can be created.

Mold accessories

  • Part of hot runner mold
  • 8 cavity preform mold
  • 12 cavity preform mold
  • 18 cavity preform mold
  • 32 cavity preform mold
  • 96 cavity preform mold

We offer plastic machines and molds for making plastic bottles and containers. We can design and manufacture hot runner plastic mold to make a wide range of water bottles and drink bottles. We have all the production resources to make plastic injection molding machines and moulds with custom service.

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