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Plastic Bottle Blowing Mold Manufacturing

Timey’s bottle blowing mold can be made of SKD61, SKD11, SKH51, NAK55, S136 and other steel based materials.

1. High machining precision: imported processing machinery and technology ensure the machining accuracy of the entire production operation.
2. Good corrosion resistance: due to the high level of corrosion resistance of the mold, the gloss and precision of the mold surface can be ensured. This results in consistently high finished product quality.
3. High temperature resistance: we choose high quality heat treated steel in order to produce our plastic bottle blowing molds. The heat treatment prevents structural abnormalities due to high temperature operation and provides stability during production.

We offer plastic container making machines and molds for making plastic bottles and containers. We can design and manufacture plastic bottle blowing molds to make a wide range of water bottles and drink bottles. We have all the production resources to make plastic blow molding machines and moulds with custom service.

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